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Trying Domestic


But being normal is boring, he thought, with some indignation. “Your confidence is endearing,” he said in a dry tone, tilting his head to look at up at the sniper clearly Jim rolled his eyes at how satisfied Sebastian seemed to be with himself. What the fuck did normal people even do, anyway? Aside from bore him to death, Jim wasn’t even all too sure. He never cared enough to think about it. 

"Oh hush. Come on, we’re almost to our hotel…" Sebastian said, pointing to it. "Doesn’t it look amazing?" He asked, smiling. "Will you just trust me, Jim? You’ll love this… honestly… now, did you decide on a name? Something to use as a cover?" Sebastian questioned, looking to Jim. He was worried that Jim was going to have trouble with the cover…

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Trying Domestic


Jim tilted his head back into the touch, biting his lip at Sebastian’s remark. He wasn’t sure about enjoying it. He never really enjoyed that sort of closeness. He supposed, though, that he would have to get used to it, even if it would take a lot to. “We’ll see,” he said, managing a however weak smile. 

"I think you will, Jim." Sebastian sighed and then huffed, getting comfortable.

It wasn’t long before their flight and then they were finally, officially, on holiday. Sebastian was looking forward to showing Jim how to be normal for a while… it had been so long since either of them had done anything normal or anything other than killing, for that matter, so this would be different.


James unbuttoned his coat but left it on. He followed Sebastian to a group of potentially the most gruff group of men he had ever seen, perfect. The madman casually slid into a chair between to of them and waved over a bargirl to order a Irish Car Bomb.

Watching Jim, Sebastian sighed and sat down as well, beginning to chat up his mates. Ordering himself a hard drink, he glanced over to Jim. “So, mates, this is the guy I’ve been telling you about… he’s finally able to come out and join us… hope you all don’t mind.” Sebastian’s accent was significantly thicker, suddenly.

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Nothing, Sebastian, dear. You just get home, won’t you?

Two minutes, Sir. Sorry for the wait.

I’m stillwaiting. You can’t say sorry until you’re here.

Home, Sir. You’ve got the door locked. I haven’t got my keys…

I’m sorry again that I’ve been absent. Things have been busy and not working in my favour as of yet. I’m here for a while, though, so if you’re one of my partners and you’re online, send me an ask.

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Hey everyone, I’m really sorry about my muses as of late. Something clicked and they’re just not working right, like I’d like them to. I’m trying to tap into them, but they’re just… hiding. I’m so sorry for anyone that had RPs with me going. I have skype (and kik) if anyone wants to come RP with me there, to try and help. Let me know if you’d like it.

[Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away. Muses haven’t been cooperating and I’ve been working on getting a job. I have one now, went to an interview for another, so within the next two weeks I’ll know what’s up. I’ll try to get to replies in a bit… if my muses will let me. Sorry for being a shitty partner.]